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Heroku Buildpack for Kibana

This buildpack downloads and installs Kibana into a Heroku app slug. It is a fork of issueapp/heroku-buildpack-kibana, with some light customization for use as a one-click Heroku Button app.

For a one-click deploy of Kibana on Heroku, see omc/heroku-kibana.


Tested versions: 5.x.y -> 6.x.y


See our other repo at https://github.com/omc/heroku-kibana for a one-click deploy of Kibana on Heroku.

Or, to use as a standalone buildpack:

# Create a new project with the --buildpack option
mkdir kibana1 && cd kibana1 && git init
heroku create kibana1 --buildpack https://github.com/omc/heroku-buildpack-kibana

# Let Kibana know where to find Elasticsearch
heroku config:set ELASTICSEARCH_URL="https://kibanauser:kibanapass@host.region.bonsaisearch.net"

# Create a Procfile to run the Kibana web server
echo 'web: kibana --port $PORT' > Procfile

# Push the above to trigger a deploy
git add . && git commit -am "Kibana setup" && git push heroku master

# Open the app in your browser.  You may be prompted for a username/password, which
# matches the username and password of your elasticsearch URL.
heroku open

Private Spaces + VPC Peering

If you are using VPC peering from a private space, the automatic version detection will not work, since the compile phase is run outside of the private space.

You must set the addition config vars.

# Set the verison
heroku config:set ELASTICSEARCH_VERSION="6.5.4"

# Optionally set the build flavor (oss or x-pack).  This defaults to oss.
heroku config:set ELASTICSEARCH_FLAVOR="oss"