by overleaf

GitHub Readme.md

Overleaf Heroku buildpack

Based on https://github.com/nonrational/heroku-buildpack-hub-spoke


For each app, set APP_BASE and APP_DEPS ENV vars, and add the buildpack.

When you push to the relevant app's heroku remote this buildpack will:

  • move the contents of APP_BASE into the root of the project
  • move each folder listed by APP_DEPS into the root of the project
  • all other files (except the git dir) will then be removed


To test your Procfiles work when folders are moved:

  • create files to represent env vars (echo 'app1' > tmp/env/APP_BASE, echo 'shared' > tmp/env/APP_DEPS)
  • from a clone of this buildpack run (where app_repo is the directory of your monorepo): bin/compile app_repo /tmp tmp/env