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ASPNet Cloud Native Buildpack

The Dotnet Core ASPNet CNB provides a version of the Dotnet Core ASPNet Framework and sets an extension of the $DOTNET_ROOT location.

A usage example can be found in the samples repository under the dotnet-core/aspnet directory.


The Dotnet Core ASPNet CNB provides dotnet-aspnetcore as a dependency. Downstream buildpacks, like Dotnet Core Build and Dotnet Core SDK can require the dotnet-aspnetcore dependency by generating a Build Plan TOML file that looks like the following:


  # The name of the ASPNet dependency is "dotnet-aspnetcore". This value is considered
  # part of the public API for the buildpack and will not change without a plan
  # for deprecation.
  name = "dotnet-aspnetcore"

  # The ASPNet buildpack supports some non-required metadata options.

    # Setting the build flag to true will ensure that the ASPNet
    # dependency is available to subsequent buildpacks during their build phase.
    # Currently we do not recommend having your application directly interface with
    # the framework, instead use the dotnet-core-sdk. However,
    # if you are writing a buildpack that needs to use the ASPNet during
    # its build process, this flag should be set to true.
    build = true

    # Setting the launch flag to true will ensure that the ASPNet
    # dependency is available on the $DOTNET_ROOT for the running application. If you are
    # writing an application that needs to run ASPNet at runtime, this flag should
    # be set to true.
    launch = true

    # The version of the ASPNet dependency is not required. In the case it
    # is not specified, the buildpack will provide the default version, which can
    # be seen in the buildpack.toml file.
    # If you wish to request a specific version, the buildpack supports
    # specifying a semver constraint in the form of "2.*", "2.1.*", or even
    # "2.1.15".
    version = "2.1.15"

To package this buildpack for consumption:

$ ./scripts/ -v <version>


Specifying the .NET Framework Version through buildpack.yml configuration will be deprecated in .NET Core ASPNet Buildpack v1.0.0.

To migrate from using buildpack.yml please set the following environment variables at build time either directly (ex. pack build my-app --env BP_ENVIRONMENT_VARIABLE=some-value) or through a project.toml file


The BP_DOTNET_FRAMEWORK_VERSION variable allows you to specify the version of .NET Core ASPNet that is installed.


This will replace the following structure in buildpack.yml:

  version: "5.0.4"