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Heroku Buildpack for ReactJS app building

This repository is forked from the official Heroku buildpack for Node.js apps.

Build Status


For more information about using this Node.js buildpack on Heroku, check the README from the official buildpack.

This buildpack only changes two things:

  • release just exits instead of trying to do npm start (i.e. start the NodeJS app)
  • after installing the node modules, the compile script also builds the production code by running npm run build.


To make changes to this buildpack, fork it on Github. Push up changes to your fork, then create a new Heroku app to test it, or configure an existing app to use your buildpack:

# Create a new Heroku app that uses your buildpack
heroku create --buildpack <your-github-url>

# Configure an existing Heroku app to use your buildpack
heroku buildpacks:set <your-github-url>

# You can also use a git branch!
heroku buildpacks:set <your-github-url>#your-branch