by pmfawkes

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Heroku buildpack: ssh-tunnel

This heroku buildpack makes it possible for an application to establish ssh tunnel to reach a remote host. This buildpack must be used with a language-specific buildpack as a supplement.


  1. Add this buildpack before your language-specific buildpacks:
$ heroku buildpacks:set https://github.com/emartech/heroku-buildpack-ssh-tunnel
  1. Add your language-specific buildpack (nodejs in this case):
$ heroku buildpacks:set heroku/nodejs


Static configuration

Configuration Value openssh connect timeout 10 sec keepalive interval 10 sec maximum number of keepalives 3 reconnect after 5 sec

The buildpack creates an ssh tunnel on the basis of the environment variables configured for Heroku:

  • SSHTUNNEL_PRIVATE_KEY: Private key for connecting to the tunnel host
  • SSHTUNNEL_TUNNEL_CONFIG: Tunnel configuration (openssh -L syntax without the LOCAL_HOST) [LOCAL PORT]:[REMOTE_HOST]:[REMOTE_PORT]
  • SSHTUNNEL_REMOTE_USER: Username for connecting to the tunnel server
  • SSHTUNNEL_REMOTE_HOST: The tunnel server hostname
  • SSHTUNNEL_REMOTE_PORT: (optional) Port for connecting the tunnel server. Default is 22.


The buildpack logs to the standard output with the 'ssh-tunnel' prefix.

Logged events:

Event Description starting logged on dyno start spawned logged after "tunnel-daemon" starts missing-configuration logged on any missing configuration (tunnel-daemon is not started as variables are not defined properly) ssh-connection-init logged before initiating ssh connection ssh-connection-end logged after the ssh connection ends or there is a connection error