by rawatrahul

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Heroku Google Drive

Remote Google Drive client on Heroku using Rclone and Aria2


Create new app

heroku create myapp -b https://github.com/ewwink/heroku-google-drive.git
heroku git:clone -a myapp

Existing app, use: add|set

heroku buildpacks:set https://github.com/ewwink/heroku-google-drive.git -a myapp

go to myapp directory, create or copy rclone.conf and winrar registraton key .rarreg.key (optional) then commit the change

cd myapp
git add .
git commit -am "add config"
git push heroku master

if you don't have rclone.conf download rclone and run locally rclone config generated config file will be

Windows: %userprofile%\.config\rclone\rclone.conf
Linux: $HOME/.config/rclone/rclone.conf


Open remote Heroku

cd myapp
heroku run bash
# or
heroku run bash --remote origin

Upload to Google Drive

assume gdrive_config is your Google drive config name that generated above

rclone -v copy local_dir gdrive_config:remote_drive_dir

Speed up upload

If you want to upload many files smaller than 8mb increase only --transfers option

rclone -v --transfers=16 --drive-chunk-size=16384k --drive-upload-cutoff=16384k copy local_dir gdrive_config:remote_drive_dir

--transfers=N number parallel of connection. default: 4

--drive-chunk-size=N if file bigger than this size it will splits into multiple upload, increase if you want better speed. default: 8192k or 8mb

--drive-upload-cutoff=N should be same with chunk size

-v option to view upload progress stats

view file on Google drive

rclone lsd gdrive_config:remote_drive_dir

view option:

lsd only show file in current directory

ls show file including in subdirectory (recursvely)


Download file using Aria2

Aria2 is command-line download accelerator

aria2c -x4 http://host/file.rar

-x4 mean download using 4 connection

To extract .rar file

to current directory

unrar e file.rar

with full path

unrar x file.rar