by remix

GitHub Readme.md


Installs dependencies needed in order to run puppeteer on heroku. Be sure to include { args: ['--no-sandbox'] } in your call to puppeteer.launch


To use the latest stable version run:

$ heroku buildpacks:set jontewks/puppeteer

Or use the source code in this repository:

$ heroku buildpacks:set https://github.com/jontewks/puppeteer-heroku-buildpack.git

Additional language support

If you need support for Japanese, Chinese, or Korean fonts, a fork of this buildpack has been made to include those as well: https://github.com/CoffeeAndCode/puppeteer-heroku-buildpack


If you run into any issues with this buildpack, please open an issue on this repo and/or submit a PR that resolves it. Different versions of chrome have different dependencies and so some issues can creep in without me knowing. Thanks!