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Run an arbitrary npm task on deploy to Heroku.

This buildpack is intended for use after the regular nodejs-buildpack, because composition is great and building one off "batteries-included" buildpacks that are forks of the offical nodejs buildpack is bad for many many reasons.

It will probably also work with any other buildpack that installs nodejs + npm too


Assuming you are already using the default (or another nodejs installing) buildpack, append the heroku-buildpack-nodejs-npm-task to your buildpack list:

heroku buildpacks:add https://github.com/sandfox/heroku-buildpack-nodejs-npm-task

configure HEROKU_NPM_DEPLOY_TASK environment variable with the task you want to run:

heroku config:set HEROKU_NPM_DEPLOY_TASK='build-assets'

this would result with the command npm run build-assets being executed

Questions etc

Why would I use it?

It's great for running build tasks and asset compilation that needs doing before running in production. Think architecture/platform specific stuff and images/css/blah

Why not just do that as part of npm install or post-install hook

ohh emm gee I πŸ’€at the bash-script/npm/env-var gymnastics that seems to be common in nodejs projects just to make deployment work on heroku. Untold magic, sadness and debugging lies on that path. Ok, seriously, it's not the worst solution, but it's clunky and you probably don't want to tie dependency installation to asset compilation/etc.

Why not just add those assets to git / source control

While tracking build artifacts with version control software is great, it's best if that is tracked in another repo to the original source code. [insert list of millions reason why here one day], my simplest answer is keeping your repository noise free and small.


MIT, see the LICENSE file.