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Discord Buttons Plugin

Have a look at an example to quickly get started!

How to create buttons?

To create buttons, you first need to import the modules and create an instance of ButtonsClient

from discord.ext import commands
from discord_buttons_plugin import  *

bot = commands.Bot(command_prefix  =  "!")
buttons = ButtonsClient(bot)

Then, you can create buttons using

await buttons.send(
	content = "This is an example message!", 
	channel = ctx.channel.id,
	components = [

Breaking it down:

# Create an action row, it takes in one argument, 
# which is the list of buttons that will go inside
# that action row.
# There can be more than one action rows.

# Create a Button component inside the action row
# And here we have our component
		label = "Button label",
		style = ButtonType().Primary,
		custom_id = "my_button"

# You can also make a link button
# You must not add a custom_id in link button
		label = "Button label",
		style = ButtonType().Link,
		url = "https://github.com/SilentJungle399/discord_buttons_plugin"

What are the different styled buttons available?

# To use different styles, the "style" argument must be changed
	style = ButtonType().Primary

## Other styles are:
# ButtonType().Primary
# ButtonType().Success
# ButtonType().Secondary
# ButtonType().Danger
# ButtonType().Link

# For emoji, You must provide a dictionary with these 3 key-values pairs
	emoji = {
		"id": None,
		"name": "🙃",
		"animated": False

How to listen to button clicks?

To listen to button clicks, you can use @buttons.click decorator

# The function name here must be the custom_id you set
# while sending the button component
async def button_one(ctx):
	await ctx.reply("Hello!")

What is ctx in there?

The ctx parameter is an instance of InteractionContext


  • .id int : The interaction ID.
  • .token str : The interaction token.
  • .message discord.Message : The message where buttons are present
  • .channel discord.TextChannel : The channel where buttons are present.
  • .guild discord.Guild : The guild where buttons are present.
  • .member discord.User : The user who clicked the button. Remember this is discord.User and not discord.Member


  • await .reply(content=None, *, channel=None, tts=False, embed=None, flags=None): Used while replying to the button click. The parameters are:
    • content str : The message you want to reply with
    • channel int : The id of the channel where this message must be sent
    • tts bool : Whether this should be text-to-speech
    • embed discord.Embed : The rich embed for the content.
    • flags MessageFlags : This can either be None to send normal messages, or MessageFlags().EPHEMERAL to send ephemeral messages.

What is the difference between ephemeral and normal messages?

  • Normal

  • Ephemeral