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Heroku buildpack that add native support for emojis on a Heroku-18 stack. This buildpack can be forked to install various fonts as well, just by adding them in a fonts folder and update fonts.tar.gz with command

tar -czvf fonts.tar.gz fonts


You just need to add this buildpack to the app's buildpack list, prior any buildpack.

What it does

It seems that the Ubuntu distribution used by the Heroku-18 stack comes without any fonts installed besides DejaVu, that supports a limited fraction of emojis. What this buildpack simply does is adding custom fonts in the ~/.fonts folder and refresh the font cache. The custom fonts included in this Buildpack are NotoEmoji-Regular.ttf and NotoColorEmoji.ttf, as Ubuntu 18.04 LTS supports natively the Noto Color Emoji font.


As said earlier, DejaVu comes with a limited range of black and white emojis, that takes precedence to NotoColorEmoji. The buildpack adds a fontconfig to limit this precedence (for instance, the 🍪emoji), but most of them are overrided.

The provided fontconfig comes from this repo https://github.com/stove-panini/fontconfig-emoji. More informations can be found there. The one that is applied is in the fontconfig folder, the others are in the extra-fontconfig one.

You can easly add more fontconfigs by adding them in the folder fontconfig.

This issue is largely discussed over the net, but without a real and clean solution :

The "best" way would be to apply 70-no-dejavu.conf and replace DejaVu with Bitstream Vera, but it could lead to other unwanted side effects, so... Kinda stuck here.

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