by skillzilla

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Tor Buildpack for Heroku

This buildpack sets up a Local Tor client for your app on Heroku.


Create a Heroku app as normal, with any buildpacks you typically use. If you have a Go app, for instance, deploy it as normal.


$ heroku buildpacks:add https://github.com/skillzilla/heroku-buildpack-tor-service.git

With the buildpack installed, you'll need to modify your Procfile such that the hidden service will be setup when the app runs.

web: hide <cmd you'd normally run>

While web works just fine, so too will any other process type. Use web if you want the app to be accessible generally, as well as over Tor. Use <any other type>, to avoid Heroku's router routing to your app like so:

foo: PORT=9999 hide <cmd you'd normally run>