by skriptfabrik


Heroku image optimizers buildpack

This buildpack will provide the following image optimizer binaries to your Heroku app:

  • advpng
  • gifsicle
  • jpegoptim
  • jpegtran
  • optipng
  • pngcrush
  • pngquant

This buildpack supports the following Heroku stacks:

The stack cedar-14 is marked as deprecated and therefore should not be used anymore.

During compile time of this buildpack the following steps will be done:

  • Detect the current used stack
  • Copy the binaries in the folder vendor/optimizers inside the $BUILD_DIR
  • Symlinks to the binaries will be added to ensure that possible following buildpacks will have these binaries available
  • The path vendor/optimizers will be added to the PATH environment through the script which is located in the .profile.d folder
  • At the end the version of each binary is displayed


To use this buildpack you can add it by multiple ways to your Heroku app. Please see the Heroku documentation for further information.


Please refer to for information on how to contribute to this project.