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heroku-buildpack-sweettooth-storefront-js enables you to run your ES6 application on Heroku with the help of Gulp.

What Is It!?

This buildpack allows you to push - without building - to Heroku, that way it is trans-/compiled on Heroku, thus eliminating room for error in terms of versioning, architecture, etc.

There are 3 folders:

├── bin
│   ├── compile
│   ├── detect
│   ├── release
├── scripts
│   ├── static.json
└── vendor
    └── jq       
  • bin is responsible for most of the work
    • The detect script is used to make a check that makes sure we're running with a correct application, in our case, we're checking that we pushed a Node.js project
    • The release script is one that needs to be there, but can be used for versioning; not in use right now
    • The compile script is used to run the compilation; it is manually setting up the environment to run and host our application
  • scripts hosts external files that we will need to used
  • vendor hosts third-party scripts (or services) that we are using
    • jq is a JSON parser used to grab keys from package.json such as Node engine and npm start