by Sparrho

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Heroku buildpack: Python, Numpy, and Scipy

This is a Heroku buildpack for Python apps, powered by pip.

This custom buildpack currently supports only NumPy 1.8.1 and SciPy 0.14.0 installations.

Please open a GitHub for any problems encountered or feature requests. If you are interested in seeing a write-up/tutorial for creating this custom buildpack, please let me know in a GitHub issue.


This buildpack only supports:

  • NumPy 1.8.1
  • SciPy 0.14.0

This package will also install compiled runtime libraries for BLAS, LAPACK, ATLAS, and Fortran, which are needed by NumPy and SciPy at runtime.

If you desire older NumPy or SciPy packages, please take a look at https://github.com/dbrgn/heroku-buildpack-python-sklearn


For a new app:

heroku create --buildpack https://github.com/sparrho/heroku-buildpack-scipy

For an existing app:

heroku config:set BUILDPACK_URL=https://github.com/sparrho/heroku-buildpack-scipy


$ mkdir testheroku
$ cd testheroku
$ git init
$ heroku create --buildpack https://github.com/sparrho/heroku-buildpack-scipy
$ echo -e "numpy==1.8.1\nscipy==0.14.0" > requirements.txt
$ git add requirements.txt
$ git commit -m 'Added requirements'
$ git push heroku master


This fork is taken from @thenovices and @dbrgn -- I owe thanks to them, @wyn, and others for setting up a lot of the code here.