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Add the ClearDB SSL Certs to your ENV Variables instead of including them in the project.


  1. Download the ClearDB SSL Certificates (ClearDB CA Certificate, Client Certificate, Client Private Key)

  2. Remove the client PK certificate password:

    openssl rsa -in cleardb_id-key.pem -out cleardb_id-key-no-password.pem
  3. Delete cleardb_id-key.pem just for ensure you will not use this cert:

    rm cleardb_id-key.pem
  4. Place the certs inside the vars in Heroku:

    heroku config:set CLEARDB_SSL_CA_CERT="$(cat cleardb-ca.pem)"
    heroku config:set CLEARDB_SSL_CLI_CERT="$(cat cleardb_id-cert.pem)"       # Replace cleardb_id with your cleard id.
    heroku config:set CLEARDB_SSL_KEY="$(cat cleardb_id-key-no-password.pem)" # Replace cleardb_id with your cleard id.
  5. Add the following params to Heroku $DATABASE_URL: Do not replace the cleardb with your id here

    • sslca=cleardb-ca-cert.pem
    • sslcert=cleardb-cert.pem
    • sslkey=cleardb-key.pem

    If your DATABASE_URL is:


    It should stay: Again: Do NOT replace the cleardb with your id here


    You can do this just by running:

    heroku config:set DATABASE_URL="$(heroku config:get DATABASE_URL)&sslca=cleardb-ca-cert.pem&sslcert=cleardb-cert.pem&sslkey=cleardb-key.pem"
  6. Delete the certs you downloaded and created.

  7. Add https://github.com/tagview/heroku-cleardb-env2ssl-buildpack to your .buildpacks

  8. Deploy the app to heroku.