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PDFtk Buildpack

Purpose and Usage

Adds pdftk to /app/vendor/pdftk.

If you're using this, you need to add pdftk to your path.

heroku config

This will get you a list of environment variables on Heroku.

Look for the PATH variable and copy the part after the PATH= to your clipboard.

Run the command below replacing YOUR_EXISTING_PATH with what you copied to your clipboard.

heroku config set PATH=/app/vendor/pdftk/bin:YOUR_EXISTING_PATH

If you're using the C bindings, you'll need to modify LD_LOAD_PATH

LD_LIBRARY_PATH=[your current LD_LIBRARY_PATH var (if you have set before)]:/app/vendor/pdftk/lib


MIT. See LICENSE for more information.


Mostly taken from https://github.com/millie/heroku-buildpack-ruby-pdftk. Thanks millie for the buildpack and the binary for pdftk: https://github.com/SirRawlins/pdftk-source

Thank you ddolar for the super rad https://github.com/ddollar/heroku-buildpack-multi.