by tbruyelle

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Heroku Buildpack: Gb

This is the Heroku buildpack for Go projects organized as prescribed by gb tool.

It requires that gb itself is also vendored just like any other third-party packages your project might be using.

This buildpack will detect your repository as gb-project if it contains a .go file under src/... or vendor/src/....


Ensure your Heroku app is wired to use this buildpack:

heroku config:set BUILDPACK_URL=https://github.com/paxan/heroku-buildpack-gb.git

This buildpack will default to the latest release of Go, but you can override it if necessary. For example:

heroku config:set GOVERSION=1.4.1


The source code found here has been remixed from the original Go buildpack.

The simplicity of the build step in bin/compile script can be blamed entirely on gb by @davecheney.