by ThriveFinancial

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Heroku buildpack for Bazel. You can find the original buildback by Google here.

This fork has been tested against Scala and Java in production, and furthermore has support for poly-repo like build patterns. The BAZEL_BUILD_PATH environment variable allows you to specify any build target, so you can deploy the same repository to containers with different settings and run different applications accordingly.


  1. WORKSPACE file in git-root. See the documentation on Bazel WORKSPACE.
  2. BAZEL_BUILD_PATH config variable containing the build-path of the {java, scala}_binary you want to run.

Default Procfile

The default Procfile is:

  web: .jdk/bin/java -jar app.jar
  worker: .jdk/bin/java -jar app.jar

This does not need to be included in your app. However, if you need custom JVM flags, simply include your custom Procfile with your application. Modify the line above with the flags you want.

Use this buildpack

heroku config:set BAZEL_BUILD_PATH=//path/to/your:bin
heroku buildpacks:set https://github.com/ThriveFinancial/heroku-buildpack-bazel