by timkoi

GitHub Readme.md

Toolatra buildpack for Heroku

This buildpack allows you to deploy your Tcl+Toolatra applications in a simple manner.


  1. Create your Heroku app

$ heroku create test-toolatra-tcl-heroku -s cedar --buildpack https://github.com/timkoi/heroku-toolatra.git
$ git init
$ git remote add origin https://git.heroku.com/test-toolatra-tcl-heroku.git
  1. Write your app

$ echo 'source toolatra_http.tcl; get / { render "hello there" }; run' > app.tcl
  1. Generate heroku.txt. It must contain one line. The line must contain:

    • the name of the entry point of the app (the kickstart file), in our case it is app.tcl

    • the port on which the app is running (choose 5050 if unsure)


$ echo 'app.tcl 5050' > heroku.txt
  1. Deploy everything

$ heroku login
$ git add . && git commit -m 'added everything'
$ git push -u origin master