by trautonen

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Heroku buildpack: Oracle JDK

This is a Heroku buildpack for Java applications that use Maven as build tool. The buildpack installs Oracle JDK 1.8.0_111 and Maven 3.3.9 by default. The buildpack can also be configured to install JCE Unlimited Strength policy files and Ruby gems. If the application has NewRelic plugin installed, the buildpack will install NewRelic java agent automatically and enable it.

Oracle License Agreement
By using this buildpack you must agree the Oracle Binary Code License Agreement for the Java SE Platform Products and JavaFX.


$ ls
Procfile  pom.xml  src

$ heroku apps:create example --buildpack https://github.com/trautonen/heroku-buildpack-oracle-java

$ git push heroku master
-----> Fetching custom git buildpack... done
-----> Java app detected
-----> Installing JDK... (downloading...) version 1.8.0_111 installed
-----> Installing Maven... version 3.3.9 installed
-----> Installing NewRelic agent... done
-----> Executing build...
       mvn -B -Duser.home=/tmp/build_2be971b4-90c0-48d4-8045-8ef1b5521352 -Dmaven.repo.local=/app/tmp/cache/.m2/repository -DskipTests=true -U clean install

The buildpack will detect pom.xml in the project root folder and executes maven with clean and install goals to create the executable.


Different features of the buildpack can be configured with Heroku config vars. Config vars can be set using the Heroku CLI:

$ heroku config:set VAR="value"
  • MAVEN_CUSTOM_OPTS: Command line options for Maven build
    Defaults to -DskipTests=true -U
  • MAVEN_CUSTOM_GOALS: Goals for Maven build
    Defaults to clean install
  • MAVEN_OPTS: Maven environment variables
    Defaults to -Xmx384m -Xss128m
  • JAVA_OPTS: Java environment variables for application runtime
    Defaults to -Xmx384m -Xss128m
  • NEW_RELIC_DISABLED: New Relic agent
    true will disable New Relic agent for the application
  • JCE: JCE Unlimited Strength
    true will download and apply the JCE Unlimited Strength policy files
  • GEMS: Ruby gems to be installed
    sass compass will install sass and compass Ruby gems
    (gems are only available at slug compilation time)


Licensed under the MIT License. See LICENSE.MIT file.