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Heroku buildpack for (some) Go projects (maybe).


If a heroku-bin target is detected, run make heroku-bin. The assumption here is that a full Go environment is not necessary, and no download is needed, as may be the case when deploying via Platform API build create with source_blob.url.

If a heroku target is detected, run make heroku. The assumption here is that make heroku will require a full Go environment, which will be set up and cached.

Otherwise, attempt to download and expand a gzipped tarball, the URL for which may either be explicitly given as GO_BINARY_URL or will be convention-style constructed from the GO_IMPORT_PATH value, e.g.:

heroku config:set GO_IMPORT_PATH=github.com/serious-company/whizbang



NOTE: The $SOURCE_VERSION variable is present in the heroku env at slug compile time.