by vaha-technology

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Fork of https://github.com/jonathanong/heroku-buildpack-ffmpeg-latest all credit goes to the original maintainer, but since the code is published under a MIT License, we decided to fork it to prevent any supply channel security issues and due to the download of a static ffmpeg from johnvansickle.com failing randomly.

A Heroku buildpack for ffmpeg that always downloads the latest static build. Unlike other build packs, I never compile anything.


Run the following from the heroku command line:

heroku buildpacks:add --index 1 https://github.com/vaha-technology/heroku-buildpack-ffmpeg-latest.git --app HEROKU_APP
Set HEROKU_APP to the heroku app you want to refer to

You can set a custom download URL by setting the variable FFMPEG_DOWNLOAD_URL.

Note: This buildpack should be added before the main language buildpack (by using --index 1), since the application process types are calculated from the last buildpack in the list if no Procfile is specified.