by vic

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Heroku Buildpack for Nim

This is a Heroku-compatible buildpack for Nim apps. It uses Nimble for dependency management.

Currently supports Nim version 1.0 and upwards.


$ tree
├── Procfile
├── app.nimble
└── src
    └── app.nim

$ heroku create --buildpack https://github.com/vic/heroku-buildpack-nim.git
Creating your-app-1234

$ git push heroku master

Minimum .nimble file:

# Package

version       = "0.1.0"
author        = "John Doe"
description   = "my next great API"
license       = "MIT"
srcDir        = "src"
bin           = @["app"]

# Dependencies

requires "nim >= 1.0.2", "jester >= 0.4.3"


The buildpack expects you to include a .nimble file in order to download dependencies and build your app.

Be sure to set the bin value on your nimble file to the executable name for your app.

And create a Procfile with a process to run for your executable. Should be the same binary that you defined in the bin setting of your .nimble file:

web: ./app

Create an app using this buildpack

heroku create --buildpack https://github.com/vic/heroku-buildpack-nim.git

Nim version

Since Nim's master branch is deprecated, you have to define the branch of the Nim version that should be installed by this buildpack.

This buildpack was tested with Nim version 1.0:

heroku config:set NIM_BRANCH=version-1-0

You can use the most recent development version this way:

heroku config:set NIM_BRANCH=devel


An example nimble app lives here