by wwarne

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Heroku buildpack with libvips installed.

Current vips version is 8.0.0 with webp 0.4.0, libtiff 4.0.3, orc 0.4.18, fftw 3.3.4, libgsf 1.14.30, imagemagick 6.9.0 and lcms 2.6

About libtiff use

We removed libtiff.* from the vips bundle because it's version (5.0) was conflicting with opencv (4.0). Removing libtiff.* made it use the user default's libtiff (5.0). Symbol names on the original vips bundle libtiff.so are wrong, they have versions appended, which causes the conflict.

The new bundle is available here and is currently used by us.


Point the BUILDPACK_URL config or add to your .buildpacks this:


Build script

This is the script used to build vips on heroku run bash.