by xuro4


Conda Buildpack

This is a Heroku Buildpack for Conda, the Python distribution for scientific computing by Continuum Analytics.

We use Python 3 with Miniconda3.

This buildpack enables the installation of binary packages through the open source conda application. Conda is recognized as being core to Continuum's Anaconda Scientific Python distro but it's also at the heart of the lighter weight Miniconda distro which we use here to install only the binary packages we need for our apps deployed on Heroku.

To control what binary packages are installed by conda, supply a conda-requirements.txt file (which can be created by capturing the output of conda list -e for your working conda environment). Like when using the standard buildpack for python from Heroku, you can also still supply a requirements.txt file for pip to process. In this way, you can install binary packages via conda for everything you can and still use pip for anything you can't. Usage

You can add it to upcoming builds of an existing application:

$ heroku buildpacks:set -a [app-name]


Heroku limits the final application footprint (slug) size to 300MB. Start small. In case the slug size limit is exceeded, deleting the build cache through the heroku-repo plugin might help.


This buildpack will result in a large slug size upon first deployment to heroku app (~300MB). Resulting builds will be much smaller (~100MB). One solution to the slug size problem is adding a large (even if it's critical) directory in .slugignore, pushing the app to heroku, then removing the directory from git ignore, then pushing again.