by zapnito


Heroku buildpack for Ember CLI applications

This buildpack works with Ember CLI generated applications. It installs Bower packages and generates a production build with Ember CLI. However, unlike tonycoco/heroku-buildpack-ember-cli it does not provide any web server to serve your app. You should provide your own Node.js web server.

This buildpack is supposed to be run after the default Heroku Node.js buildpack using Heroku multi buildpack that allows one to run multiple buildpacks in a single deploy process.


For new apps:

$ heroku create --buildpack

For existing apps:

$ heroku config:add BUILDPACK_URL=

From here you will need to create a .buildpacks file which contains (in order) the Node.js and Ember CLI buildpacks:

$ cat .buildpacks

Now run:

$ heroku config:set NPM_CONFIG_PRODUCTION=false

This will cause Node.js buildpack to install development dependencies as well, which are needed by Ember CLI buildpack to build your app.

How it works

Node.js buildpack will install Node.js and npm and then install all Node.js packages (including those specified as development dependencies). Ember CLI buildpack will then install Bower packages and run

ember build --environment=$EMBER_ENV

(by default EMBER_ENV=production) to generate your app.