by zombor

GitHub Readme.md

OK Log Buildpack

This is a Heroku Buildpack that will download OK Log into your heroku app.

You'll probably want to use this with the heroku-buildpack-multi features on heroku:

heroku buildpacks:add --index 1 https://github.com/zombor/heroku-oklog-buildpack --app <your-app>

Then redeploy your app. oklog will be available in your $PATH.

You can use this in your Procfile:

web: <your-app> 2>&1 | tee >(oklog forward $OKLOG_HOST)

We use $OKLOG_HOST above as a config var set with heroku config. This kind of Procfile will output to both your STDOUT as well as your oklog forwarder which means your heroku logs will still work.