by 0polar



shadowsocks-heroku is a lightweight tunnel proxy which can help you get through firewalls.

It is a port of shadowsocks, but through a different protocol.
shadowsocks-heroku uses WebSocket instead of raw sockets, so it can be deployed on Heroku.

Notice: this protocol is INCOMPATIBLE with the origin shadowsocks.

How to use

  1. Deploy to Heroku (cipher and password are not required since use TLS for default encryption)

  2. Download and unzip this repository, and go to the folder

  3. Install project dependencies with command npm install

  4. Edit config.json file, replace <your_app_name> to the prarmeter specified in step 1

  5. Run node local.js

  6. Change proxy settings of your browser into SOCKS5


If there is something wrong, you can check the logs by:<your_app_name>/logs

Supported Ciphers

  • rc4
  • rc4-md5
  • table
  • bf-cfb
  • des-cfb
  • rc2-cfb
  • idea-cfb
  • seed-cfb
  • cast5-cfb
  • aes-128-cfb
  • aes-192-cfb
  • aes-256-cfb
  • camellia-256-cfb
  • camellia-192-cfb
  • camellia-128-cfb