by 16g



What is it? What is it?

Chat with big :emoji: in slack.


Install yourself

Create heroku application


Now, environment variables is temporary.

Create slack application

Go to Slack API: Applications.

  1. Create New app.

  2. Setup application.

  • App Name: Slamp
  • Development Slack Team: Select team installed application.
  1. Create New app.

Create Slash commands

In the slack application.

  1. Select Slack Commands from Features menu.
  2. Create New Command.
  3. Setup Slack commands.
  • Command: Slamp (or name yourself)
  • Request URL: Your application URL.
  • Short Description: Stamp emoji
  • Usage Hint: :emoji:
  1. Save.

Setup OAuth

Select OAuth & Permissions from Features menu.

Redirect URLs

  1. Add a new Redirect URL
  1. Add and Save URLs.

Select Permission Scopes

Select Permission scopes below.

  • emoji:read
  • chat:write:user

Install app

Select OAuth & Permissions from Features menu.

  1. Install App to Team
  2. Authorize

Setup environment variables

In the heroku application, input variables from slack application App Credentials.

Configure URL

heroku config:set URL=$(heroku info -s | grep web_url | cut -d= -f2)


type below in slack.

/stamp :custom_emoji:


So fun!