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Any Remote Cloud Index via HEROKU Help me fixing readme.md

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Heroku oneclick / Rapid deploy method available


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How To Deploy ?

Step 1

  • Star my repository
  • Create a Heroku Free account
  • Log in to Heroku in any browser
  • Click on the Rapid deployment button Deploy and deploy app

Step 2 (setting Config Vars)


  • Generate rclone.conf file from any terminal or cmd or termux .
  • You can use Multiple cloud drive accounts in single rclone.conf file
  • We need any text/code hosting website, Use gist-github github account needed.
  • Open rclone.config file using any text editors and copy all text inside rclone.conf and paste it in gist
  • Choose any file name and save it.
  • Then Click RAW button and copy the url
  • Paste your config Url in the heroku 'CONFIG_FILE_IN_URL' Section

** note : Don't share this url to anyone


CLOUDNAME is the remote name that you given in rclone.conf file. You can check it by opening your rclone.conf file using any text editors See Examples image CLOUDNAME Here ‘ devanazdrive4 ‘ is the CLOUDNAME


  • Drive ,Mega ,Onedrive and other remotes available.
  • MEGA support is available at version 2.0
  • No internet speed capping ,Enjoy Maximum download speed
  • 24x7 permanent link
  • No download limit or quota limit
  • pause download available (Use download Managers like ADM ,XDM, Aria2 for more stability)

Storage providers

What's New

  • More cloud support available.
  • Config Fused to heroku deployment section.
  • No need to expose your rclone.conf file

Follow me for latest updates, v1.20 coming soon..

Upcoming Updates

  • Multi/infinite mix index 🤩 All cloud/remotes in single index like teamdrive seperated as folder.
  • Encryption Username & Password (under beta stage,may not work in next version)