Calendar Creator

by acates1982


Content Builder SDK - Calendar Creator Block


  • This SDK app provides a way take input from the block, create a calendar (ICS) file, upload that file to Content Builder, and ultimately create a button that the user can add to their calendar.
  • The app actually creates two buttons. One with a link to the ICS file and one with a link to add to a google calendar stacked on top of each other. The google button has a style of display: none. To leverage this to render properly add this bit of code to the template style.
u ~ div .gmail-hide {
u ~ div .gmail-show {

Install In Your Environment

  • Must have a working Heroku Account to host app
  • Select the Deploy to Heroku button below
  • Fill out the environment variables
    • CLIENTID - Client Secret of API Package (Not Legacy Package)
    • CLIENTSECRET - Client Secret of API Package (Not Legacy Package)
    • SUBDOMAIN - Tenant Specific Subdomain. Ex.mcmtwjynv76zg4b73149z7yzw5mm
    • ICSFOLDERID - Content Builder Folder ID Where ICS Files Will Reside
    • MID - MID of Business Unit you are deploying the block in
  • Create an Installed Package and add a component type of Custom Content Block. Use the Heroku app URL as the Endpoint URL when configuring this component.