Salesforce oAuth Demo Tool

by adamSellers


Node.js oAuth Demo App - Salesforce as IDP

This is a demo application that showcases an implementation of oAuth from Salesforce in Node.js.


Firstly, setup your Salesforce Org with a connected app. Remember! You will have to come back here and update your callback URL once you get it.

Building the App locally

Before you start, make sure you've got Redis running locally. (If not, it's okay - we can wait)

Firstly, clone (or fork and clone) the App.

git clone

Change directories and install stuff

cd Salesforce-oAuth-Demo && npm install

Create the .env file

touch .env

Then add the following config vars

CLIENTID={your salesforce client id}
CLIENTSECRET={your salesforce client secret}
REDISSECRET={A super secret string}
REDIS_URL={your redis URL}
SALESFORCE_ENDPOINT={your salesforce login endpoint, ie or a community URL}

remember, head back to your connected app and update that Callback URL!

Once all that is done, you are good to go!

npm start

Then navigate to http://localhost:3001 to get started.

Or you can do it much easier in Heroku..

Heroku Deploy

Once you have your app, be sure to set the following Config Vars:

  1. CLIENTDID: This is your Salesforce connected app client ID.
  2. CLIENTSECRET: This is your Salesforce connected app secret.
  3. CALLBACKURL: this will be https://{YOURAPPNAME}
  4. SALESFORCE_ENDPOINT: this is your login endpoint for SF (eg: or a community URL)

Then let the hapiness commence!