Start Here CMS

by adrind



A flexible Wagtail app to make it easy to build simple guides for your city. Developed after research from the Anchorage Code for America fellowship team.

Many cities offer services that are scattered across several agencies and nonprofits with no concrete guide to let citizens know how they can access them. We developed StartHereCMS for StartHereAnchorage to guide jobseekers to local Anchorage organizations that can help them with their job search.

StartHereCMS was designed to be as flexible and reusable as possible so other cities can make similar guides. It's so easy to make a copy of this website you can get it done in one afternoon, no coding experience necessary!


  1. A Heroku account to host the website
  2. An AWS S3 bucket to hold images and documents

Optional services you can use

  1. An Algolia account to add search to your website (Free!)
  2. Google Analytics to track what pages your user goes to (Free!)
  3. Google Maps API Key to let a user easily pick locations using the Wagtail Geo Widget

Quick Deploy

Read our extensive documentation to see how you can create your own version of StartHereCMS! All you need to do is create some accounts and click this button:


Local development

We welcome all contributors.

Setting up the application locally is easy and read about how you can use templates to make it easy for other to deploy YOUR version of StartHereCMS.