Africa's Talking IoT : Kitchen sink Demo - web



Quick-Deploy to Heroku

  1. Create a free Heroku account if you do not have one
  2. Click on Deploy button to bootstrap the app
  3. Give your app a name Set your app name
  4. Under your Heroku Config Vars section add the following variables (see the screen grabs below for more info):
    • APPLICATION_USERNAME : Your IoT Application username
    • DEVICE_GROUP : The device group you want to authenticate to
    • DEVICE_PASS : The password assigned to the device group
    • SERVO_TOPIC : The topic to which the IoT device is listening to for servo motor control. Example if your base topic is coolguy/devicegroup/# and the IoT device is listening for servo motor control command at coolguy/devicegroup/servo then this value should be servo.
    • LED_TOPIC : Same as above but for LED control
    • AT_USERNAME: Preferrably sandbox
    • AT_APIKEY : Your sandbox API KEY
    • IOT_APIKEY: Your live application API KEY Configure environment variables

Note : If you need to modify them later see below screen grabs on where to get them Where to get environement variables Setting up environement variables Your application URL is under the "Domains" section. Should read https://<appname> Getting your app URL

  1. Once you're done, click on the "Deploy App" button Deploy App

Setup Africa's Talking Account

USSD (Sandbox)

  1. In your Sandbox account, navigate to the USSD blade and click on "Create Channel" Sandbox main page
  2. In the channel creation form, add an USSD shortcode number, and in the callback URL field add the your app URL and append ussd. Example if your Heroku app url in 4 above is then your USSD callback should be Creating a channel and adding callback URL
  3. Save and in the end you should have something like shown on the screen grab below USSD Short codes Sandbox View

IoT (Live)

  1. Inside your AT IoT account, Click on the ... under the Actions tab for the device group you'd like to configure the callback for and update the callback URL to iot. Example if your Heroku app url above is then your IoT callback should be Update IoT Device Group Callback

The Simulator (Sandbox)

  1. Navigate to the AT Sandbox Simulator page. Enter a valid phone number.
  2. Click on the USSD option Main Sandbox app
  3. Dial your USSD code. If your short code above was 1000, enter *384*1000# and press the Call button for magic! Dial USSD shortcode