Agora Recording Server Test

by AgoraIO



Agora Recording Server (ARS) Tester built using Agora Web SDK v1.9.0


Simply click the link above, and put in your AppID and App Certificate.

Agora Recording Server

The Agora Recorder Server (ARS) installer package and documentation can be downloaded from It is a subfolder included in any of the platform SDK (iOS, Android, Win, Mac, Web) downloads.

ARS runs on Linux Ubuntu OS. Hardware, compute, and storage requirements are detailed inside the Agora Recording Server Reference Manual documentation.

Note the ./deploy command key and sign variables correspond to the APP_ID and APP_CERTIFICATE for your Project and must match.


The next step to test recording is to log into the Agora developer dashboard (, and make sure the recording IP address and port is correctly set to your ARS.

How to Use the ARS Tester

Open up a browser and browse to the deployed Heroku app URL. On that webpage, enter a room name to start a call. This will detect if you have Agora Web Agent running, which is a requirement for Web SDK v1.9.0. If you do not have it running, please follow the link in the pop up to download the agent. Or you can download it manually below:

Windows Mac

Once the agent is installed, you will be able to see your self preview, or the remote participants if they have already joined the same room name. To initiate recording, simply press the red circle start recording button on the controls bar on the bottom of the screen. Any user in the call can initiate recording. To stop recording, press the red square stop recording button.

Questions / Issues

Please reach out to or open a Support Ticket for further questions or troubleshooting issues.