Google Drive Uploader

by Akhilesh-Bayadi



Upload to Google Drive Bot

Here Is Live Version Of Bot Google Drive Uploader

How Can We Use It

  • First authorize Bot Using /auth command Generate a Key and send it To bot .
  • Now You can Send Supported Link To Bot.

Available Commands

  • /start = Start Message
  • /auth = Authorize You
  • /revoke = Delete Your Saved Credentials
  • /help = Help Text

Supported Links :

  • Direct Link


Setup Your Own Bot

  • Create Your Google Drive api Credential (other type) and Download its json
  • Paste it In Bot Root Directroy and Rename it "client_secrets.json"
  • Replace Your Bot Token in file
  • Your Bot is Ready to Host.

You can use Heroku to host it.

  • Make sure You have Changed Your Bot Token and google client api Before Hosting It`

Deploy to Heroku