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Overwatch API

An unofficial Overwatch and Overwatch League HTTP API and NodeJS module.

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  • Profile Data*
  • Career Stats*
  • Overwatch League Data
    • Live Match
    • Standings
    • Schedule

**Please note, as of the JUNE 26, 2018 patch, Career Profiles will no longer be public by default (now defaults to Friends Only). An option to make Career Profiles visible has been added under Options > Social > Profile Visibility.

Your profile MUST be public to view most profile and career stats with this API.

Source: https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/news/patch-notes/pc#patch-47946

API Docs

See: https://overwatchy.com/docs/

NPM Module

If you wish to use the Javascript API in your own project, see api/README.md.


curl http://overwatchy.com/profile/pc/us/Calvin-1337
      "quickplay":"129 hours",
      "competitive":"23 hours"



  • Node v6.0+
git clone https://github.com/alfg/overwatch-api.git
cd overwatch-api
npm install
npm start

Or deploy your own Heroku instance!



This project is built using srv, a microservices stack based on express. After installation, run the project using the following:

node node_modules/srv-cli/build/srv app/index.js

nodemon is recommended for auto-reloading during development:

nodemon node_modules/srv-cli/build/srv app/index.js

Generate docs with the --docs app/routes flag.

See srv documentation for more info on srv specific options.