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Comments as Github pull requests for Jekyll (and other static site generator) websites.

Thanks to Miles Sabin (twitter & github) for the original idea and initial sponsorship.

Initial development by Thomas Parslow. Pull requests very welcome.

Build Status

Quick Deployment

You can deploy (for free) to Heroku with the button below:


It will ask you for a Github username and a password. This is for the commenter user which will be the user which actually creates the pull requests for comments. I strongly suggest you create a new user just for this.

Set URL_PREFIX config var to _posts/ and URL_SUFFIX to .markdown for file structure like _posts/2018-12-15-welcome-to-jekyll.markdown.

Manual Deployment

To run the Hubbub server you'll first need to install Node.JS and NPM which you can get

To install the dependencies required by the Hubbub server run the following command from the project directory:

npm install

You can configure the Hubbub server component by adding a local.json file to the config directory, you can use default.json as a base. You'll need to configure the commenter user (should be a Github user created solely for this purpose) and the target site (you can configure more than one if you want, but you'll usually just want to supply a single default site).

Once you've created the configuration file you can run the server with this command:

PORT=8080 NODE_ENV=local node server.js

Once you've got the server running go to to see instructions for integrating Hubbub into your blog (or read the instructions through Github)


Pull Requests are very welcome. Check out the Github issues for a list of things that need doing (and please feel free to add your own).

We use to view Github issues, you can too if you want: Stories in Ready