by amalm315



There are multiple things I can do:

👉 All Supported Video Formats of

👉 Upload as file from any HTTP link

👉 Convert To Streamable Video, any Telegram media

👉 ReName Telegram files, with custom thumbnail support

👉 Get Low Speed Direct Download Link of any Telegram file

👉 Trim / Cult small images / videos from large media files


The Easiest Way

upgrade your subscription for @AnyDLBot without having to run anything on your own

The Easy Way


The Hard Way

virtualenv -p python3 VENV
. ./VENV/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt
--- EDIT values appropriately ---

@BotFather commands

start - Check If Bot is Online!
help - How to use this Bot?
me - Check your Subscription
upgrade - Upgrade your Subscription
deletethumbnail - Delete / Clear saved Custom Thumbnail
getlink - Get Low Speed Direct Download Link
converttoaudio - Convert Video Files in Telegram to Telegram Audios
converttovideo - Convert to Streamable Video
rename - (Long Press) and Rename Telegram Media
extractstreams - Extract Streams from Telegram media
ffmpegrobot - Get Info
trim - (Long Press) and Enter TimeStamp
downloadmedia - Download media to storage
storageinfo - Get Info about currently saved Media in storage
clearffmpegmedia - Clear stored media from storage
unzip - Extract Compressed Files, inside Telegram
generatecustomthumbnail - Generate Custom Thumbnail for your streamable videos
generatescss - Generate SCreenShotS of Telegram media
  • For FeedBack and Suggestions, please feel free to say in @SpEcHlDe


  • GPLv3