by amalpm615

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GaanaBot is a bot for Telegram. It makes the process of downloading songs and finding lyrics for any song as easy as ever. To download a song, send name of the song and GaanaBot will send you the song in the form of an audio message. To find lyrics, send a message in the format - Lyrics <song_name> - <artist_name>



It has always been really hard to download music for free. The process is long and cumbersome and doesn't guarantee whether the correct song will be downloaded at the end or not. I decided to fix this problem by developing GaanaBot.

How to Use

  • Download Telegram app for Android/iOS platform.
  • Search for GaanaBot.
  • Send name of song to download song.
  • To find lyrics send a message in the formatin - Lyrics <song_name> - <artist_name>

That's it. It is that simple!


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