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by amancevice

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Facebook Event State Transfer

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Sync public facebook page events to Google Calendar.


Before beginning you will need to create and configure a facebook app and use it to acquire a page access token for Graph API.

You will also need to set up a Google service account to acquire a credentials file to authenticate with Google APIs.


Install fest using pip:

pip install fest

Basic Use

Use clients for facebook's Graph API and Google's Calendar API to create FacebookPage and GoogelCalendar objects, then synchronize:

import facebook
from googleapiclient import discovery

import fest

# Connect to Graph API & Calendar API
graphapi = facebook.GraphAPI('<facebook-page-token>')
calendarapi = discovery.build('calendar', 'v3', cache_discovery=False)

# Get Page/Calendar objects
page = fest.FacebookPage(graphapi, '<facebook-page-name-or-id>')
gcal = fest.GoogleCalendar(calendarapi, '<google-calendar-id>')

# Sync Calendar <= Page
req = gcal.sync(page, time_filter='upcoming')
res = req.execute()


Several methods of deployment are provided.


A pair of terraform modules module are provided to deploy this tool as a Lambda function on AWS and invoke it on a cron using CloudWatch.

module secrets {
  source                  = "amancevice/facebook-gcal-sync-secrets/aws"
  facebook_page_token     = "<your-page-access-token>"
  facebook_secret_name    = "facebook/MyPage"
  google_secret_name      = "google/MySvcAcct"
  google_credentials_file = "<path-to-credentials-JSON-file>"

module facebook_gcal_sync {
  source               = "amancevice/facebook-gcal-sync/aws"
  facebook_page_id     = "<facebook-page-id>"
  facebook_secret_name = "${module.secrets.facebook_secret_name}"
  google_calendar_id   = "<google-calendar-id>"
  google_secret_name   = "${module.secrets.google_secret_name}"


A terraform module module is provided to deploy this tool as a Heroku application.

module facebook_gcal_sync {
  source                  = "amancevice/facebook-gcal-sync/heroku"
  app_name                = "<unique-app-name"
  facebook_page_id        = "<facebook-page-id>"
  google_calendar_id      = "<google-calendar-id>"
  google_credentials_file = "<path-to-google-service-credentials>"
  facebook_page_token     = "<facebook-page-access-token>"

Alternatively, deploy with one click: