Devrepublic Bn Backend

by andela


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Barefoot Nomad

Make company global travel and accommodation easy and convenient for the strong workforce of savvy members of staff, by leveraging the modern web.

Getting Started

The instructions below will get you a copy of the project up and running on your local machine for development, further contribution and testing purposes.


Software to have locally on your computer for you to run this project

Install Postgres Database
Install NodeJs


Clone the repository

git clone

Install all the project's dependencies

Run npm install

Set up environment variable

  • create a .env file in the root directory

  • copy the variable from the env.example into the .env and give them values

Set up database

create development database and test database

Connect the project to Postgres development database by adding the db into .env file


Connect the project to Postgres test database by adding the db url into the .env file


specifiy your database username , database Password, host, port and your created database name

run the following script in order to create migration

npm run create

To undo migrations run the following script

npm run drop

to seed data into the database run the following script

npm run seed:dev

To run all the above scripts all together and start the server at the same time this script will do it together

npm run reset:dev

Running the tests

In your terminal

Run npm test

Running the build

In your terminal

npm run build

Start server

In your terminal

npm run dev

Built With

  • Express - The backend framework used
  • Postgres - The database service used



  • Andela Simulations Program
  • Samuel Nishimwe
  • Caroline Nkirote
  • Samuel Munyili