by andrewwang84

GitHub Readme.md



  • 2018/8/19 Andrew Wang
  • This is a telegram bot for downloading instagram and twitter's original photo
  • contains API for Web and for Bot
  • Backend API is built with Express & Cheerio & puppeteer
  • Telegam Bot is built with node-telegram-bot-api


  • IG image
  • IG video
  • IG Story image
  • IG Story video
  • Twitter image
  • Twitter video
  • Twitter video as Gif
  • Error handling
  • Web
  • Line
  • Facebook messenger


Try it on Heroku


in order to let the bot work, set up the following vars in heroku setting

  • insCookies: [instagram login cookie]
  • insPass: [instagram account password]
  • insEmail: [instagram account email]
  • NODE_ENV: production
  • telegramToken: [telegram bot token, you can recieve it from bot father]
  • url: [your heroku project url]

cause the region difference, I highly recommend not to use your own instagram account in this bot