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Pluggable Telegram UserBot
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Userge 🔥

Userge is a Powerful , Pluggable Telegram UserBot written in Python using Pyrogram.

Inspiration 😇

This project is inspired by the following projects :)

Special Thanks to all of you !!!.

Features 😍

  • Powerful and Very Useful built-in Plugins
    • gdrive ( Team Drives Supported! ) 🤥
    • zip / unzip
    • telegram upload
    • telegram download
    • etc...
  • Channel & Group log support
  • Database support
  • Build-in help support
  • Easy to Setup & Use
  • Easy to add / port Plugins
  • Easy to write modules with the modified client

Example Plugin 🤨

Codacy Badge

from userge import userge, Message

LOG = userge.getLogger(__name__)  # logger object

CHANNEL = userge.getCLogger(__name__)  # channel logger object

@userge.on_cmd("test", about="help text to this command")  # adding handler and help text to .test command
async def testing(message: Message):"starting test command...")  # log to console

   await message.edit("testing...", del_in=5)  # this will be automatically deleted after 5 sec

   await CHANNEL.log("testing completed!")  # log to channel

Requirements 🥴

How To Deploy 👷

  • HEROKU Method 🔧

    First click the button below.

    If you don't have HU_STRING_SESSION just ignore it.

    After Deployed to Heroku first turn off the app (resources -> turn off) and run bash genStr in console (more -> run console).

    After that copy the string session and past it in Config Vars (settings -> reveal config vars).

    Finally turn on the app and check the logs (settings -> view logs) :)


  • Other Method 🔧

    # clone the repo
    git clone
    cd Userge
    # create virtualenv
    virtualenv -p /usr/bin/python3 venv
    . ./venv/bin/activate
    # install requirements
    pip install -r requirements.txt
    # Create config.env as given config.env.sample and fill that
    cp config.env.sample config.env
    # get string session and add it to config.env
    bash genStr
    # finally run the Userge ;)
    bash run
  • More Detailed Guide 📝

TODO: add Docker Support.

Video Tutorial 🎥


Support & Discussions 👥

Head over to the Discussion Group and Update Channel

Project Credits 💆‍♂️

Copyright & License 👮