Heroku Telegram python deploy

by AnshumanFauzdar

GitHub Readme.md

Intial Deploy to heroku

Intially I was not able to push a simple bot to heroku, but yeah googling a lot made it work!

Very Initial Steps [NOOB Steps]

  1. Install Telegram :)
  2. Create a telegram bot by talking to Bot Father
  3. Install python in your computer, if you are on windows follow this
  4. Install git, follow this
  5. Install Heroku account here
  6. Install Heroku CLI from here
  7. Install editor of your choice, I preffer Atom

Step 0 [Optional]:

  • Just git clone this repository and start working by editing the code
    git clone https://github.com/AnshumanFauzdar/telegram-bot-heroku-deploy.git
    cd telegram-bot-heroku-deploy
  • Or follow steps below!

Step 1:

  • Create your bot like we have bot.py and write any python code that is intially working on your local machine!

Step 2:

  • Make a folder like telegram-bot and put bot.py in the folder

Step 3:

  • Make a blank python file named

Step 4:

  • Make a Procfile this should be without any extension like .txt, you can go to view -> tick file name extensions and remove any extension
    worker: python bot.py
  • Write this in Procfile by using notepad or any editor of your choice! Here bot.py is your python code!

Step 5:

  • Now we have to make a requirements.txt through which heroku will install the dependencies to make our bot work!
  • What to add in requirements.txt
    • Mine looks like this:

Add anything which you have included in the python code!

Step 6:

  • Change directory to where you have made these files
  • now in git bash CLI, intialize a git
    git init

Step 7:

  • Now install heroku CLI
  • Next
    heroku login
    heroku create app_name
  • If you have already created app then select it:
    heroku git:remote -a app_name
  • Or else continue:
    git add -f bot.py Procfile requirements.txt __init__.py
  • git commit -m "Added Files"
  • Push files to heroku:
    git push heroku master
  • If it is not working then try this one:
    git push heroku master --force

At this point your bot should be running, you can check by

  •  heroku ps

If it is not running then we have to reset dynos:

  • heroku ps:scale worker=0
  • heroku ps:scale worker=1

Now it should be running fine! Enjoy :)

If you are trying to lazy which you should not! (Deploying to Heroku)


Choose App name and deploy! Follow from Step 7 and edit bot.py with your token! And finally deploy!

Working Example


Want a video tutorial?