by ansidev

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This is an simple Go application that you can deploy to Heroku.

This app contains two command: app and worker.


  1. Clone this repository

    git clone git@github.com:ansidev/heroku-go-simple.git

    or click the deploy button

    Deploy to Heroku

  2. Make sure you installed heroku CLI.

  3. Run heroku create to create new app or ignore this step if you created.

  4. Run ./deploy.sh {app_name} to deploy this application to Heroku.

  5. Open your app, you will see "Hello, world!"

  6. Open Heroku Console from Heroku Dashboard, then run /worker. You will see something like below:

    worker 3 started  job 1
    worker 1 started  job 2
    worker 2 started  job 3
    worker 2 finished job 3
    worker 2 started  job 4
    worker 3 finished job 1
    worker 3 started  job 5
    worker 1 finished job 2
    worker 3 finished job 5
    worker 2 finished job 4