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Elo ranking managed through the messaging software Slack.



  • Set the Slack API token (you can get it from Slack) as an environment variable named: SLACK_API_TOKEN
  • Create an Outgoing Webhook in your team's Slack: https://YOUR_SLACK_TEAM.slack.com/services Give this webhook the channel you want zizou to listen to, and set the trigger word as fifa.
  • Set the Outgoing Webhook token as an environment variable named: SLACK_WEBHOOK_TOKEN


Zizou comes pre-packaged with a set of commands designed to help you store and retrieves 1v1 and 2v2 matches.

  • First, add the teams you plan to use and their ratings in Zizou with the following command: fifa addteam BAR XX XX XX. Obviously, replace BAR by the acronym of the team you want to add, and the XXs by respectively, the attack, midfield, and defense ratings of the team.
  • Then, you're ready to add matches with the following command: fifa match @slack_player_username TEAM score @slack_player_username TEAM score. Replace TEAM by the team acronym and score by the actual score the player had in the game. Example: fifa match @bill_gates BAR 4 @bill_murray ASSE 5

The whole set of commands is the following:

fifa ranking [n_weeks]
fifa ranking2 [n_weeks]
fifa r [n_weeks]
fifa r2 [n_weeks]
fifa 2v2 player11 player12 team1 score1 player21 player22 team2 score2
fifa match player1 team1 score1 player2 team2 score2
fifa teams
fifa addteam name attack midfield defense
fifa challenge player [time]
fifa challenges
fifa stats player
fifa undo
fifa ribery


  • POST /bot : Currently the only route. It is the endpoint your Slack will be sending messages to.

Adding new commands

In lib/slackbot.rb, you can add your own commands. As you'll see when inspecting this file, every command is actually a method named hear_COMMANDNAME. To add commands, simply add a new PRIVATE method named hear_yourCommandName(optional_parameters...). The parameters will be displayed in the help and optional parameters will immediately be annotated as optional in the help as well.

Future work

There are a couple of improvements we have in mind. Feel free to send us pull requests if you want to contribute!

  • Add a proper API so that a web interface can be made, in case you want to display it on a screen in your office.
  • Zizou is currently speaking french, why not improve his languages skills ? (good luck with the translation of Ribery quotes)
  • Add a betting system with a fake currency.
  • More?