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Starter Kit

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Get up and running with OpenComponents in 3 simple steps.
💁 This guide relies on Heroku for its deploy, if you wish to rely on Now instead, click here.

Before starting make sure you have:

  • An account on Heroku
  • An S3 bucket on AWS

#1 - Deploy the OpenComponents registry to Heroku

Click the button below and follow the instructions.


#2 - Build your first component

Install the OpenComponents CLI

$ npm install -g oc

Create your first component:

$ oc init my-first-component

Develop/Test locally by starting a local dev registry

$ oc dev . 3030

Your component will be available at:

#3 Publish the component to the registry

Add the registry using the CLI:

$ oc registry add http://my-registry.on.herokuapp.com/

Publish your component

$ oc publish my-first-component --username=YOURVALUEHERE --password=YOURVALUEHERE

Your component is now published 🎉 🎉 🎉 !

You can consume it here: http://my-registry.on.herokuapp.com/my-first-component