Notifications Tracker

by ArionMiles


Notifications Tracker

Forward GitHub notifications to Telegram.

Author: Arion Miles (Kanishk Singh)


Triton is a Telegram Bot which forwards my GitHub notifications. Named after the Greek God, the messenger of the seas.

Uses GitHub API v3 to monitor for new notifications and then formats it, and forwards to your Telegram Messenger via a bot. Who constantly checks email, amirite? I'm always online on Telegram so I might as well have the notifications delivered there instead of using the default email method. Plus, it was a learning experience! Really, I don't have a better motive to explain why I made this.

I'm always trying to make Triton better. But nothing's perfect. I'm looking for a way to reduce polling times without hitting my API requests limit. Currently it checks for a notification every 2.5mins.




You need three pieces of information: Telegram BOT TOKEN, Telegram CHAT ID, and GitHub TOKEN. Start here to learn how to create a Telegram Bot for Bot Token. You can message @get_id bot with /my_id and it'll give you a 9-digit Chat ID. You can make a new Personal Access Token for GitHub here. Put any description you want, and check Notifications in the scope options and click Generate. Keep this token safe, because you cannot retrieve it back if it's lost, only generate a new one.


Run heroku config:set TOKEN=<Telegram-Bot-Token> CHAT_ID=<9-Digit Chat ID> GITTOKEN="token <Github-Personal-Access-Token>".


For running this locally, set environment variables TOKEN, CHAT_ID, and GITTOKEN.

On Windows, run: set TOKEN=<Telegram-Bot-Token> & set CHAT_ID=<9-Digit Chat ID> & set GITTOKEN=token <Github-Personal-Access-Token>

Linux: export TOKEN=<Telegram-Bot-Token> && CHAT_ID=<9-Digit Chat ID> && GITTOKEN=token <Github-Personal-Access-Token>

Add the tokens you received earlier. Remember to leave the token word in the GITTOKEN as it is because it is required in the headers by the API, or you'll get a TypeError because the program will never find any JSON output.


  • Add images
  • Edit/Fine Tune MessageContent. (add comment text, if possible)
  • Put a try-except block to catch any exceptions for debugging.
  • Change name to something better. (previously Notifications-Tracker)
  • Add repo to
  • Add python3 compatibility



MIT License. Please see License file for more information.