AvaIre Watchdog

by avaire

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AvaIre Watchdog

AvaIre Watchdog is an application built for the Discord bot AvaIre, the app will help manage AvaIre by starting, restarting and updating the bot, the application also comes with a terminal that allows you to see the output and interact with the bot.


Server Requirements

Watchdog has a few system requirements, these requirements helps ensure that Watchdog, and all of it's features will work correctly.

Installing Watchdog

Start by cloning down the source code and building the binary using Gradle, optionally you can also use one of the releases.

git clone https://github.com/avaire/watchdog.git
cd watchdog
gradle build

The binary file can be found within the root of the watchdog directory, next we'll need to run Watchdog so it can download our avaire jar file, to do this run:

java -jar Watchdog.jar

Once Watchdog has downloaded the jar file watchdog will automatically start trying to boot up the bot, the first time this happens it will fail since the configuration file has yet to be generated, once the process stops, open up the newly generated config.yml file and setup you discord and database settings, everything else is optional. When you're done configuring the bot, run Watchdog again to make it start the avaire process and watch for any commands Ava might send its way.

If the bot starts up normally you've successfully setup Watchdog to run avaire!

Note: If you would like to start Ava with some different options you can pass then as arguments to Watchdog, for example to see what custom options avaire supports you can try using the --help argument.

java -jar Watchdog.jar --help

Deploy AvaIre using Watchdog on Heroku

You can deploy in a simple way to Heroku using the button below.

Deploy to Heroku

Before deploying, read the configuration guide, aswell as the guide regarding hosting with Heroku.


AvaIre Watchdog is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.

Discord server
AvaIre support server: https://discord.gg/gt2FWER

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